Download Retrica for Nokia extremely great


Retrica is one capture application that takes all of the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes by storm even though we can not say the same about Windows Phone as Nokia Retrica for (among other devices Windows Phone) is not neck. However, there is a great alternative we will talk about today.

What you can do with Retrica that can not be done with other applications? It includes more than 80 original filters in real time, you can also upload images with Photoshop quality design using extremely great!

As mentioned initially, the application is only available for iOS and Android devices, if you do not own one, you can download PicsArt as a replacement for Windows Phone devices as Nokia.

The application supports social networks like Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr, so you can take and edit your selfies and upload them to your personal account at the popular social website.

Retrica is available for Android, or if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS), you can also enjoy all of its features. In fact, in the beginning of the application is only available for Apple devices but with the pass of time it has been made available on the Google Play Store, becoming one of the fave by users of the platform This popular.

Unfortunately, Retrica is not available for Blackberry devices, but you can have it on your computer by installing BlueStacks, an Android simulator convenient and powerful for desktop and laptop west.

Download now:


Download camera Retrica for Tablet


Retrica an Android photo app lets you add fun filters to your photographs as well as some visual effects that will enhance the appearance of your images and make them look like one professional camera output.

The visual effects are provided by this application is very similar to Instagram’s include other additional options radicals, such as allowing you to add the photo frame white or black.

This tool allows you to add up to 9 different filters to your image in yellow, green or red as well as many diverse effects including classic appearance or characteristic brightness that only Polaroid camera can produce.

Other tools to highlight are those that allow to take pictures with the camera front (mainly used for “selfies”), or set a countdown of 10 seconds before the shooting.

Download the app is a very easy process, you just have to go to the iTunes Store on your iPad or PlayStore Google on your tablet and make it free. Then, just install it like any other application. Retrica also available for download on the tablet (Google Play), although its main use is on mobile phones, especially those based on Android and iOS platforms.

Recalling Retrica provide a lot of options, far more than the original software of your phone camera; and the features of a large number of stocks in this category as Instagram.

Disadvantages of Retrica:

Can provide a large repertoire of frames for photos
It is only available for Android devices and iOS-based so if you own a Windows Phone or BlackBerry, you will be forced to seek a replacement device.

Advantages of Retrica:

Up to 9 different photo filters
Ability to develop transplant in nearly thirty different location
There are wonderful effects that simulate depth of field
The ability to share photos with social networks and instant messaging programs

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Retrica Online for Mobile Photo Editing Software.

Retrica Online for Mobile Photo Editing Software.

Retrica Online is not a normal image editing software, because it doesn’t let you make actual adjusments of the images (for example the size of the image), you can use preinstalled filters to edit them. For example with retrica online you can make the photos in old-style fashion colors like black and white photos, grayscale, different light color (bluish, greenish, yellowish) and so on, retrica online is perfect for everyone.

Retrica is available only in English language, but that isn’t something that you should be concerned about if you do not understand English. Everything is extremely intuitive and this is what makes it such a good photo editing application! Retrica Online will literally blow your mind with its functionality!

You can edit already existing images with all the filters that you have, or you can simply use retrica online as a replacement for your camera application and add the filters in a “live preview” before taking the picture. Retrika lets you select the filters before you take the photo.

Want a quick selfie? Retrica camera is the app for the job! You will no longer need to ask anyone for a favor to edit your images, everything is quick and easy at the tip of your fingers Retrica Online now!

We should note that many of the filters are premium (meaning you have to pay for them) but you can preview them before purchasing so that you can decide if you really want that filter before you purchase it! Search Retrica Online to see a preview of the filters.

Download retrica at:

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Retrica App for PC Photo Editing Software.

Friends, after providing posts on useful messengers, browser, entertainment etc on this blog, now here is one more app of quite different genre to feel professional effects in photography using simple camera of your smartphone. Today I will share guide on Retrica on PC. Retrica is popular photo app which is capable of capturing awesome photos of memorable events of your life. Here is simple tutorial on how to download Retrica for PC. I have also shared WhatsApp for PC guide to let you enjoy this awesome communication app on your Windows 7/8/XP computers or laptop.


What is Retrica app? The application is available only in English, but that is not something that you should worry about if you do not understand English, since everything is quite intuitive and this is what makes it such a good app! Retrica Online will blow your mind!

Link to What is app Retrica Camera:

Retrica online is great for taking a quick selfie! You will no longer need to ask your buddy to edit your images, everything is quick and easy with Retrica Online now!

It is worth noticing that many of the filters are premium but they are all available for a preview, so that you can decide wether you would want that filter or not before buying it! Search Retrica Online to see the filters.

Retrica Online is not actually an image editing software, because we can’t make actual adjusments of the images (size for example), we can only modify them with premade filters. For example with retrica online you can make black and white photos, grayscale, different light color and so on, retrica online is amazing.

You can add filter effects to already existing images, or you can use retrica online as a camera appplication which adds the filters in a “live preview”. You can select the filter before taking the photo.

Fast and easy, fairly intuitive, retrica online is just like using the Native camera of your phone, just with some added cool gadgets!

Enough talking, lets get busy! Here at Retrica Online we will show you examples of how to Download Retrika for PC and for Android.

Retrica Para PC? You may also want to check out this cool application – Lazy Swipe and our photo blog FotoBLG

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Retrica is the best Selfie application today

Retrica is a full fledged app for selfie lovers and even for photo editing enthusiasts. The app even though not marketed as a selfie app is a great selfie app. The app has many fans due to its great interface and many features.

Retrica was designed for iOS users. But because of its amazing and unique features, it got popularity and now android users can also download it for free.


Retrica, that’s build with one purpose in mind: capturing self-portraits, and turning them into vintage looking selifies. Retrica does the typical image enhancements you’ll likely find in the ever-popular Instagram app, but rather than applying filters after taking the images, you can do all that even before tapping the click.

Another way Retrica differs from other selfie and camera apps in general is the live filter support. The great features from the Retrica app includes 100+ filters (along with real-time filters), collage maker, watermarking, timer and more. While usually you click the picture and then apply the filter, here everything happens live and you’ll have to select the filter before jumping in. There’s a shuffle button to bring up new filters randomly.

This means you’ll know exactly how the photo will turn out. At the same time, this can be limiting because once you’ve clicked the picture, you can’t edit it. The app has a lot of retro filters to offer along with borders.

The camera Interface


The camera interface carries two horizontal navigation bars that are orange and grey. Photos can be taken by tapping on the black circular button located over the grey bar, but if you need to change a few things like color level, apply out-of-focus blur, specify aspect ratio or put a self timer, then the orange bar has dedicated buttons for all these.

The Retrica interface is attractive and simple, giving the main importance to the photo itself. It’s intuitive and easy to use, so it won’t take you long to learn the editing features like a pro.

Self Timer

This application has another unique feature that makes it the best application for taking Selfie. It is self timer for better capturing. You can adjust the timer according to your will and can capture images more accurately. You can adjust time and interval accordingly.

Retrica Perfect More than 100 filters

Retrica is its gargantuan photo filters and effects which let you quickly spruce things up or compensate for the poor quality of some cameras within a few screen taps. In addition, it has a photo booth option that boasts a wide array of layouts and you can quickly switch between these by tapping the random button at bottom right.

Professionally designed filters.

There are plenty of ways to put funky retro filters on your photos, but many focus on tweaking after the fact rather than doing it on the fly.

Retrica makes a photo to give a professional look for photos just with use of filters and effects. You can create photo collages with filters applied. Self timer is to take consecutive number of photos. 22 layouts are available for photo collage. Retrica provides countless features and filters as default. Retrica Logo Water mark has a 14 awesome Retrica logos. Photos can be cropped and filled up with effects.

You can hit a shuffle key to randomly pull up a filter, or choose one manually. Filters are grouped into themes like “chic,” “silver” and “cinema” with each one containing several different filter looks. You can tap one and see your viewfinder change immediately to reflect what the finished product will be, and use a slider along the bottom to change the intensity.

The out-of-focus blur option

Retrica has other tricks up its sleeve, besides filters. It offers the trendy out-of-focus effect, which can blur the background when you shoot a portrait, for instance, and for which HTC specifically plopped a Duo Camera on its One (M8) flagship.

There are vignettes and watermark logos to choose from as well, and a Photo Booth mode with an abundance of layouts. Check Retrica out from the download link below, if you are interested in adding some pizzazz to your photos and, especially, your selfies.

Share photos

This app also features online sharing support via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email, so you can share your creations with friends and family.

Free download with a premium option

You can retrica download on your smartphone free of charge, or you can opt for the Retrica Pro option, that gets rid of ads and has full access to all the filters (25 of the 80 are blocked in the free version). The price for the update is £1.29.

Retrica was updated to version 1.0.1 in late-November of 2012. The current version has a total of 158 customer ratings with an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars.

Link to:

Download Retrica Camera for mobile Android

Retrica for Android

Retrica app has been available only for iOS devices. It is a cool app which adds different camera effects to your photos and also leaves a small “Retrica” sign or logo. Now, you can download this Retrica camera app for your android device. You know that the majority of users use this app only for that little “Retrica” logo on the bottom and not much for its filters as there are plenty of apps on the App Store which have better filters and quality.


Retrica offers numerous professionally designed filters, many more than any other camera apps do. You can apply the filters even before you take a photo, or after, as you prefer. Retrica comes with chic and deep filters that just make your photos to pop. Retrica comes with many trendy logos you can choose from.

Vintage style photography has seen a surge in popularity among hobbyist photographers. And now you can create your own vintage style photos in high resolution with this cool camera app. Retrica is yet another photo-editing app, filter-centric but it’s one with a slick interface and bright colors. Retrica offers numerous professionally designed filters, many more than any other camera apps do. You can apply the filters even before you take a photo, or after, as you prefer.

Features Retrica Camera Android

– Lebih dari 100 filter

– Real Time Filter : Pertinjau foto sebelum di anda snap

– Vignette : Sentuh tombol untuk menambahkan pembatas sketsa klasik

– Collage : Atur interval waktu dan ambil foto secara berturut-turut dengan fitur kolase

– Watermark : Tambahkan watermark logo retrica yang trendi

– Timer : Waktu jeda yang akan membatu anda selfie

– Blur : Fokuskan pada objek dan otomatis sekeliling akan menjadi blur

– You can share the edited pictures with your friends and family on Face-book, Twitter, G-Plus and many more.

Download Retrica with Apk


Retrica is powered by Venticake. Retrica Camera App is here ready to download free on your android mobiles and tablets. To use this android app, you need to download it from Google Play store and install it in your phone. But if your phone doesn’t support Play Store apps or Mobogenie Android apps, you can download Retrica apk.

You can free download Retrica Camera app for your android mobiles and tablets from our site. You can download last version of Retrica Camera Apk for android tablet or phone totally free. You can direct download Retrica Camera on your mobiles without any hurdles. These links are 100% safe and free from virus, if you have any problem related to Retrica Camera apk then comment blow we will guide you in right way how to use this app or how to download this app on your android mobiles.

Retrica Pro

The application is available for free download in the Play Store. A Premium version called Retrica Pro is available as a Paid one. The free app allows you to upgrade from Free to Pro Version. You cannot directly download the Pro Version.

Link to retrica:

Retrica Game Regular Show Flappy

Game Regular Show Flappy

Link to play:

Description: Play Game Regular Show Flappy free online in here! You can collect cans of food for points during each flight. Flap Mordecai’s wings to move up and down and dodge the green barriers. Flappy Regular Show is just as challenging as Flappy Bird. Retrica Play Game Regular Show Flappy

Play to games more at: Retrica

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Download Retrica for IOS and capture HD

Retrica – Great app for selfies

Retrica is the most popular and exciting application that provides a real-time vintage filters with the highest resolution ever. Is important to mention that with this application you can apply over 24 filters to your pictures in your drive or SD card and even before taking the photo.


Retrica is a very unique app to capture your impressing selfies with just one shot. Notice that we mentioned “unique” cause of the featured designed by pros and is one of the best pictures editor apps in the market.

With Retrica you can also choose a picture borders, vintages, add text with effects and is very easy to handle thanks to the minimalist user interface. Once you have edited and transformed your photos, you can share them with friends using your social media profile or just text.

Retrica for iPhone

With Retrica, your photos get more pop and chic right in your iPhone. Retrica is available for the most of the devices operating systems and is for free. That is compatible with any Apple device like iPhone 4 to iPhone 5S. You can retrica download for your iPhone via iTunes.

The download button opens the iTunes App Store, where you may continue the download process. You must have iTunes installed with an active iTunes account in order to download and install the software. This download may not be available in some countries.

You are also possible to upgrade to a “pro” version: ads will disappear and you’ll get access to all filters (there are 25 of the 80 that are blocked in the free version). The upgrade price is 1.79 euros. Of course, the app is also available for iPad.


Retrica for iPad

To get retrica installed in your iPad you just need to go to iTunes app store, look for the search bar and type in “Retrica” which will pop up right away. Once you find it, click on the “Install” button and let it go. You can use this app with iOS 6.0 or higher.

Download Retrica for iPad and install too and also supplies you with a great deals of attributes that you could establish prior to taking an image and also obtain a stunning and also comical image.

Retrica IPA 2.4.1

Retrica IPA 2.4.1 is best camera app for iPhone for HD photography. Get ready to download Retrica-IPA 2.4.1 with features to capture HD photos, it will change your capturing practice into something truthfully unforgettable. Best iOS camera app for iPhone will help you to capture beautiful pictures with 100+ filter and many other features. In excess of 100 million pictures are captured in one day with Retrica app.

Retrica IPA app is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5.

What’s new the latest version of Retrica :

You can now randomly select filters when you are editing photos from the system albums

Swiping within the in-app album is now possible

FAQ is now provided with answers

Retrica is known for being good for selfies, but can also be used perfectly for normal photos through the rear camera.

Link to: