Facebook ao Vivo – Permite-lhe para transmitir os videos

Depois de muitos mêses de experiência, Facebook baixar lançou um recurso interessante, embora, ainda

Depois de meses de testes finais e lançamento Facebook esta característica atraente, embora ainda não amplamente utilizado em todo o mundo. Antes que apresenta a página de vídeo ao vivo aparece apenas para as celebridades, páginas do Facebook e aplicações Menções. Facebook logo em seguida, testar esse recurso para todos os usuários. E agora esse recurso foi expandido usuários gradualmente atualizados doFacebook em todo o mundo.

De acordo com o Facebook NewsRoom, o tempo de o usuário vê o video ao vivo é 3 vezes mais do que o video normal. Este pode te mostrar quantas pessoas que estão a ver ao vivo, no qual o usuário pode ajustar uma lista das pessoas que podem ver, bem como, podem comentar no tempo real.

facebook baixar

Quando o usuário escolhe a função de Video ao vivo, o usuário pode televisionar ao vivo no seu feed novo e os seus amigos podem ver directamente no feed novo. Para comerçar com os recursos novos, você só toca no estado de atualização e escolhe o icone Video ao Vivo, preenche e escolhe Ir ao Vivo para comerçar e transmitir ao vivo.

Os usuários iOS já foram exprimentados mais cedo. Agora, Video ao vivo já tem no plataforma de iOS nos mais de 30 países, incluindo Vietnã. Enquanto, o recurso de video ao vivo apenas está no Mercado dos Estados Unidos da America e promote que será lançado em breve no tudo mundo no future próximo.

facebook gratis

Link: http://www.facebookbaixargratis.com/facebook-ao-vivo-permite-lhe-para-transmitir-os-videos.html

Quando a transmição de video ao vivo acaba, baixar Facebook salvará aumenticamente o video como uma publicação na sua página oficial e você e os seus amigos podem re-ver o seu video. Video pode ser eliminado na sua página oficial quando você quer.

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Download software Popular Photography and photo editing Android apps Retrica Pro 2.11


Retrica Pro Another ultra premium programs in the field of image editing and effects and share photos and full Pro unlocks the latest version of Android is that it can do ApkHouse users request.

The Retrica Pro 2.11 version and full version software and unlimited unlocking software

By this application you can record high-resolution images with gorgeous vintage style 80 different filter is also possible to create beautiful works of art which you will be able to picture very beautiful in the side of the original picture memorable Note. The other interesting feature lets you shoot continuously, which can be used to create collages and videos too.
Features of this Retrica Pro:

Timer photography
80 different filters
Beautiful effects
Create beautiful collages
Take advantage of the beautiful border for pictures
Take advantage of logos as the watermark
Changes in this version Retrica Pro 2.4.1:

Thanks for using Retrica! We bring updates to Google Play regularly to constantly improve speed and reliability.

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Retrica 2016 APK download


You are downloading the latest v2.11.4 APK Retrica of 2016 (54). You want to take great pictures? Stand out from the crowd – make your photos POP! Retrica version will change your image experience on something really memorable. Choose how you want to remember that great view from your trip, or that delicious meal you shared with a friend. With direct Retrica filters, you can preview your images will look, before you even take the photo! Please download this app on your phone now

Retrica APK File Information:

File name: com.venticake.retrica_v2.11.4-54_Android-4.0.apk
Version: 2.11.4 (54)
Uploaded: March 6, 2016 at 8:39PM GMT+00
File size: 35.49MB (37,214,406 bytes)
Minimum Android version: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)
MD5: 499a658ccf29d5559997116ed6ed511f
SHA1: c71e7c27e5aad739c635e76edc55f748ead399a2

Download more: retrica indir

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Download Retrica online webcam!


In recent years, many users love to be photographed on a webcam installed on their computers, which are often posted pictures on social networks are. But because of the quality of these images is not always high, it is better to have an online program that allows you to edit the captured images and add effects to them. A great choice would Retrica online camera.

Retrica photo editor is completely free. It allows you to take pictures using tilt-shift-effect, a filter and vignetting, so you can get some interesting images. Moreover, online Retrica Photoshop allows you to view the preliminary results on the screen, allowing you to abandon the photos failed.

Retrica for pc with comfortable, well done interface that even a beginner will understand. Combining a variety of filters to set snapshot Retrica photo editor that will allow you to make very interesting photos easily. Obtained with the help of photos Retrica, you can send to friends and put on your page to Instagram and other photo applications for further processing.

Download: http://retrica0.com/download-retrica.html

Download Retrica 360 APK for Blackberry


Hi, here we provide you APK file of “Retrica 360 APK for Blackberry” to download and install for your mobile. It’s easy and warranty. Let go download button and follow download steps.
With Retica 360 app you will be have a great experieces editing photo.

Retrica camera 360 Effect APK for Blackberry is a very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your android phone or tablet. Make selfie photos beautiful in seconds with stunning filters, frames, grid, stickers, touch-up tools and more camera editing effect. You can download this photo selfie editor for free.Anyone who likes good selfie photos should download Retrica Cymera 360 Effect. And do not forget to rate and give us a 5-star for better application development… Have Fun..

Edit your photo and share to your friend with Social media Feature.

Download: http://retrica0.com/download-retrica.html

Download Retrica for Blackberry specific version


Retrica is one of the most popular applications to apply filters to improve our image. It is used on millions of mobile phones and a lot of people involved in various forums about the filters they apply and how can improve almost any photo. Retrica has been widely used to create the picture is captured with 80 years looking to use some filters committed to it, but, of course, we are not limited only to use it: we can take any Any image we want and try some filters on it with freedom.

Venticake, the creators of Retrica, has developed applications for Android is an Apple device, but, sorry, no specific Retrica Blackberry version. The good news is that if your system version is greater than or 10.2 then you can enter the Android app using the APK file. If that’s your situation: Go Play Store, download APK Retrica (you can see more information here) and install it on your mobile phone.

There is a free version of the app Retrica, where you’ll find the ads, with more than 75 in order to select the filter. If you want to avoid the ads, you can buy the Pro version which is completely ad-free, and it add multiple filters to your list. Some developers have created additional filters that can be used on Retrica but not a part of is not free not pro version. These additional filters may need, or can not, extra pay, so you should take care when choosing a filter to apply to rour photos.

If you are the owner of an earlier version of the BlackBerry system, you should look for other options. One of the most popular apps, Blackberry world, which will help you forget Retrica is PicMix. Open PicMix you will find a large number of filters and frames that will help you to improve your image.

Download: http://retrica0.com/download-retrica.html

Download Retrica for Nokia extremely great


Retrica is one capture application that takes all of the Google Play Store and Apple’s iTunes by storm even though we can not say the same about Windows Phone as Nokia Retrica for (among other devices Windows Phone) is not neck. However, there is a great alternative we will talk about today.

What you can do with Retrica that can not be done with other applications? It includes more than 80 original filters in real time, you can also upload images with Photoshop quality design using extremely great!

As mentioned initially, the application is only available for iOS and Android devices, if you do not own one, you can download PicsArt as a replacement for Windows Phone devices as Nokia.

The application supports social networks like Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr, so you can take and edit your selfies and upload them to your personal account at the popular social website.

Retrica is available for Android, or if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (iOS), you can also enjoy all of its features. In fact, in the beginning of the application is only available for Apple devices but with the pass of time it has been made available on the Google Play Store, becoming one of the fave by users of the platform This popular.

Unfortunately, Retrica is not available for Blackberry devices, but you can have it on your computer by installing BlueStacks, an Android simulator convenient and powerful for desktop and laptop west.

Download now: http://retrica0.com/download-retrica.html

Download camera Retrica for Tablet


Retrica an Android photo app lets you add fun filters to your photographs as well as some visual effects that will enhance the appearance of your images and make them look like one professional camera output.

The visual effects are provided by this application is very similar to Instagram’s include other additional options radicals, such as allowing you to add the photo frame white or black.

This tool allows you to add up to 9 different filters to your image in yellow, green or red as well as many diverse effects including classic appearance or characteristic brightness that only Polaroid camera can produce.

Other tools to highlight are those that allow to take pictures with the camera front (mainly used for “selfies”), or set a countdown of 10 seconds before the shooting.

Download the app is a very easy process, you just have to go to the iTunes Store on your iPad or PlayStore Google on your tablet and make it free. Then, just install it like any other application. Retrica also available for download on the tablet (Google Play), although its main use is on mobile phones, especially those based on Android and iOS platforms.

Recalling Retrica provide a lot of options, far more than the original software of your phone camera; and the features of a large number of stocks in this category as Instagram.

Disadvantages of Retrica:

Can provide a large repertoire of frames for photos
It is only available for Android devices and iOS-based so if you own a Windows Phone or BlackBerry, you will be forced to seek a replacement device.

Advantages of Retrica:

Up to 9 different photo filters
Ability to develop transplant in nearly thirty different location
There are wonderful effects that simulate depth of field
The ability to share photos with social networks and instant messaging programs

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